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HISTORICKÝ ČASOPIS / [Historical Journal]

Published since: 1953
Periodicity: 5 times per year
Language: Published in Slovak, Czech, English, German, French; with English synopsis and German resume; contents in English and German languages
ISSN: 0018-2575
Published by: Institute of History of SAS
Printed by: VEDA - Publishing House of the SAS
Web page: http://www.historickycasopis.sk
Chief Editor: Dušan Kováč
Editorial Office: Historický ústav SAV
Historický časopis - redakcia
P.O.BOX 198, Klemensova 19
814 99 Bratislava
Tel.: +421 908 098 937
E-mail: histcaso@gmail.sk
Distributed by: Mediaprint-Kapa Pressegrosso, a.s.,
P.O.BOX 183, 830 00 Bratislava 3
Tel.: 02/49 893 564, 02/49 893 565, 02/49 893 566, 0800/188 826
E-mail: predplatne@abompkapa.sk
Web: http://www.ipredplatne.sk/katalog-produktov/noviny-a-casopisy/historicky-casopis
Indexed in: Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Current Contents, Historical Abstracts
Orientation: The journal serves as one of the tools for organizing historical science and presenting its outputs to broader scholarly community. It is open for all opinions, orientations, schools and topics if they are based on serious research and are processed in accordance with basic principles of historical science. The program of the journal is not to prefer any time-period, topic or section from history. It is to contribute to the rectification of deformations in Slovak historical research. It is the journal for all historians who are dealing with Slovak history and for all Slovak historians who are dealing with Slovak or world history.

>> Survey of articles published since 1990


Published since: 2007
Periodicity: 2 times per year
Distributed by: Open Access, the content of the journal is freely available to the readers under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.
Language: Published in English, Slovak and Czech languages, articles have abstracts in English; interface of the Journal webpage also available in English.
ISSN: 1337-6861
Published by: Institute of History of SAS
Web page: http://www.forumhistoriae.sk
Chief Editor: László Vörös
Editorial Office: Forum Historiae
Historický ústav SAV
P. O. Box 198,
Klemensova 19
814 99 Bratislava
E-mail: forumhistoriae@gmail.com
Indexed in: EBSCO Discovery Service, Central & Eastern European Academic Source - EBSCO, SCOPUS, DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), ERIH PLUS (European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences), EZB (Elektronische Zetschriftenbibliothek), CEEOL (Central and Eastern European Online Library), Index Copernicus International (ICI World of Journals)
Orientation: Forum Historiae is published online twice a year in form of monothematic issues. The journal publishes articles from the field of political, social and cultural history with an emphasis on theory and interdisciplinary approaches and inspirations (methodologies of historical research, philosophy of history, history of concepts, art and literature history, historical sociology, anthropology and political science).


Published since: 1967
Periodicity: 2 times per year
Language: Published in Slovak, Czech and English language.
ISSN: 0044 8680
Published by: Institute of History of SAS
Printed by: VEDA - Publishing House of the SAS
Web page: http://www.architektura-urbanizmus.sk
Chief Editor: Henrieta Moravčíková
Editorial Office: Architektúra & urbanizmus
Historický ústav SAV
P. O. Box 198,
Klemensova 19
814 99 Bratislava
Tel.: 0421 2 5930 9230, 0421 2 5930 9234
Orientation: The journal Architektúra & urbanizmus pro­vides a forum for the publication of research papers on architecture and town-planning. The attention is concentrated on the theory, history, philosophy and culture of architecture and town-planning of 20th and 21st century in Central and Eastern Europe. The published papers deal with the relation of architecture and town-planning to art, technology and environment. They also present research results of architec­ture and town-planning sociology and psychology, social ecology, environment technology and of other theoretical disciplines which contribute to the development of the theoretical knowledge in architecture and town-planning. The papers further deal with methods of appreciation and criticism of architectural and town-planning activities, as with appreciation of outstanding architects, architectonic works and periods. Papers on architecture and town-planning education, book reviews and information on scientific meetings are involved. The quarterly is published by the Department of Architecture of the Institute of History of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the Art History Institute of the Academy of Sciences of Czech Republic.

HISTORICKÉ ŠTÚDIE / [Historical Articles]

Published since: 1959
Periodicity: 1 time per year
Language: Published in the Slovak language, articles by foreign authors in one of the world languages.
ISBN: different, based on the topic of the issue
Published by: Institute of History of SAS
Publisher: Veda – Publishing House of SAS
Web page: http://www.historickestudie.sk
Chief Editor: Daniela Kodajová, Ingrid Kušniráková
Editorial Office: Historické štúdie
Historický ústav SAV
P. O. Box 198
Klemensova 19
814 99 Bratislava
E-mail: histkusn@savba.sk
Distributed by: Veda – Vydavateľstvo SAV
Dúbravská cesta 9
845 02 Bratislava
Tel.: 00421-2-20 920 203
E-mail: vedasav@gmail.com
Orientation: Historické štúdie – scholarly annual focused on the history of the territory of Slovakia from the ancient times to the current time-period. Monothematic issues are supplemented by a collection of articles by doctoral students from the Institute of History of SAS.

>> Survey of articles published since 1990

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